How UASOM Uses Slack

What is Slack?

Slack is a collaboration hub that brings people, information, and tools together to connect teams, unify systems, and drive businesses and organizations forward. Slack’s organized channels aim to increase productivity and streamline communication.

Slack is almost like GroupMe, AIM, and email combined. Within each Slack account, there are a variety of public and private channels. Private channels are often used for discussion between smaller communities, whereas public channels are beneficial for open communication between members of a team. You can also message people individually. Additionally, you can share documents or photos, which are then searchable by all members of the channels. And yes, there are emojis!

How does UASOM use Slack?

UASOM Slack (managed by The Student Senate) is the recommended collaboration platform for the student body. Upon joining, students will added to their respective class, LC & ICM private channels. In addition to general communication, private channels are utilized by admission hosts, Student Senate committees, ICM liaisons, and orientation leaders to prepare for events such as interviews, Best Medicine Show, and Orientation!