2015-2016 Interest Group Coordinators-


Elena Gibson (egibson1@uab.edu)

Mary Katherine Sweeney (mksween@uab.edu)


Upcoming Dates:

Introduction to OB/GYN Meeting – Wednesday, September 23rd at 12 pm

EAB Women’s Health Day Training – Monday, September 28th at 12 pm

EAB Women’s Health Day – Saturday, October 3rd

Special Delivery Weekend Workshop – Tuesday, October 13th  at 5:15 pm

Special Delivery Weekend – October 23rd-25th


Research Opportunities:

There are numerous ongoing research projects within the OBGYN field. Research is plentiful in the fields of high risk obstetrics, incontinence, and gynecology oncology. Other fields and areas of the specialty also offer valuable research experiences. Determine what genre of research you are interested in and email one of the OBGYN interest group directors for more information pertaining to ongoing projects in your field of interest.


List of OB/GYNs to shadow:

Alicia Ballard | OBGYN 
Subspecialty: Urogynecology & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
Email Address: 

Dr. Margaret Boozer | OBGYN

Email Address: mboozer@uabmc.edu 

Dr. Jacqueline Hancock | OBGYN

Email Address: jhancock@uab.edu

Dr. Kim Hoover | OBGYN

Email Address: khoover@uab.edu

Dr. Todd Jenkins | OBGYN

Email Address: tjenki05@uab.edu

Dr. Ashley Wright | OBGYN

Email Address: adwright@uab.edu

Dr. Janet Bouknight | OBGYN

Subspecialty: Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

Email Address: jmclaren@uabmc.edu

Dr. Ashley Wright | OBGYN

Email Address: adwright@uab.edu

WIC, 9th floor