The Student Senate is the official Student Government Association for the School of Medicine and is comprised of elected officers from each of the four classes.


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Our Mission

The SGA at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine (UASOM) exists to serve as an organized and purposeful voice for the student body and to facilitate the planning of student events.

What We've Achieved

Best Medicine Show, 2017:

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of many student volunteers, staff, faculty, and sponsors, the 2016 Best Medicine Show raised over $35,000, and all proceeds went to fund the EAB (Equal Access Birmingham) student-run clinic. EAB is a non-profit family clinic aims to provide free care to the the uninsured and underserved population of the Birmingham Area. There are plenty of volunteers from medical students in various classes, faculty, and sponsors who provide medications, equipments and supplies who made it possible for EAB clinic to continue providing its marvelous role to our Birmingham community.  

As the Student Senate strives for recruiting more volunteers, faculty, and sponsors for EAB, medical students of UASOM are the sole reason for an organization like EAB to continue to exist! So thank you!

2016 UASOM Studnet Senate

Executive Board and Executive Cabinet Members


MS4 Class Officers


Evan Broder


Tooba Anwer


Devanshu Kaushik


MS3 Class Officers


Sal Kamal


Travis Atchley


Stephen Thrasher


MS2 Class Officers


Allison Montgomery


Samuel Altonji


Emma Dean


MS1 Class Officers


Bruce Pittman


Priyanka Patel


Carter Boyd



Chief of Staff

Adam Dyas

Director of Student Events

Lauren Theiss

Director of Communication

Tripp Ference


Director of Student Orgs

Bria Williams

Director of Facilities

Jessie Allaway


Director of Admission

Adam Lucy

Director of Admission

Aditi Jani


Director of Orientation

Sara Deas

Director of Community Service

John Johnson

Best Medicine Show Producer

Macie Enman